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  • Trust?

    Can I trust the admin. here? has anyone bought anything from here? pleas help thnks

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    silverspam is king here . don't bother him by fuckin question he won't rip you
    jsut pay and get.

    his skimmed cards are great . but i don't know about VIP membership


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      Go ahead and buy am VIP member as well...Admin won't ripp you i trust him


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        I have not bought anything yet, but common sense should tell you that the Admin is very knowledgeable. Read most of his posts on Tracks 1 & 2 and see the mathematical explanations. That should give you the confidence to deal. A few VIP member has also thumbed up for him, i wonder what else you need. For me, no risk no reward, wait there for people to take risk for you, then you will also wait there and watch us enjoy the benefits. For me, the knowledge you gain alone is enough for me. But sure, i am here to make money too...that is a bonus

        I trust him, I will buy from him. My proof is: I did VIP membership, pasted the payment confirmation on contact us page and in less than 5mins, Welcome to premium. That's professional enough for a start.